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Business Services Offered

  1. Market Gap Analysis
    Does your marketing program need an upgrade? We dig deep to review the current marketing program. Then, we assemble valuable data about your target markets and customers/clients. Upon conclusion we arm you with operable marketing tactics to get you to the next level.
  2. Web Presence Analysis
    A Web Presence Analysis determines how your business is perceived when someone searches for your area of expertise. Answers the questions: How well can your business be found? Is your presence consistent across all of your online properties? How is your business seen in respect to your competition?
  3. Start up Advice
    So, you're ready to start a business. Whether or not you already have a business plan, you need practical marketing advice, ideas and suggestions. We work with you to implement strategies that will set your business up for success. We offer marketing execution consulting.
  4. Expand Nationally
    If you are interested in expanding into new markets, we can lead you there. Let us help you expand your market reach.
  5. Fractional CMO
    A Fractional CMO is an on call, for hire resource that drives company resources towards goal achievement. In-depth outside perspective pipeline management and marketing execution. The number one reason that you are falling short is that you are too busy running your company. Let us help.
  6. Rebranding A to Z
    Let us spearhead your brand positioning awareness and lead generation. Whether you offer a product or service, we will research, devise and implement a verbal and visual brand identity that stands out. We guide you to use media and marketing to sustain your business and keep you front and center.
  1. Managing Director
    Title 10
Marla Malkin
We offer the highest caliber marketing services to create and implement strategic marketing programs, which align with and support companies' business objectives.  From restructuring national marketing programs to helping start-ups create a market presence, we are here to help.
Let's Brainstorm 
It's true, Rome wasn't built in day.
Yet, you've got to start somewhere.

We offer full or half day planning meetings.  Let us facilitate your brainstorming sessions.  We are available to lead focus groups or just meet with your marketing steering committee.