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Grow with a Fractional CMO

Fractional executives are not a new phenomena. Maybe you've heard of Fractional CFOs.  Enter the Fractional CMO.

Companies need high-level marketing expertise to grow.  It may not make financial sense long-term to hire in-house, but in the short term a CMO adds clarity and ensures ROI for the investment.

Marketing activities are those that we implement to take  products or services to the public, to attract customers or business offerings. 

Yet, often companies hire a contractor for a designated purpose-- for their website or to increase media visibility. But, without giving them clear management direction, the tactics fall short of achieving the objectives. In all likelihood, if the contractors underperform, they have been undermanaged.  Spending money on marketing services without management is like throwing something against the wall and seeing if it sticks. 

Activities that you implement to drive repeated growth
Where do you need to upgrade?  A Fractional CMO infiltrates the organization and is highly involved in the research, analysis, messaging as a first step. It is may be necessary for them to work with additional outside resources specialists or other agencies to bring about the change needed.  Sometimes, you have the internal staff, but have no one to manage. 

Understanding what we do
An executive asks, “why do I need you?”  They call us in, but aren’t sure why.  They have contacts, employees and market knowledge.  But they don’t have anyone to hold them accountable.  A plan is only good if it is implemented.  Each plan needs clear deadlines and metrics. The Fractional CMO’s job is to get things done! We don’t simply identify a problem and solutions, but give concrete value by working to achieve target goals.

Evaluation as a Service
Our Fractional CMO offering is a service.  Most small to mid-size companies don’t need a full time CMO or VP, but they could definitely benefit long-term from the services we provide.


What is a Fractional CMO and why do you need one?

A Fractional CMO is a resource that drives company resources towards goal achievement. You garner high-level talent without paying the ongoing salary of a full-time CMO

Often, those inside, including the owner/operators/manging partners or CEOs, are unable to see the obstacles that are inhibiting their ability to grow.

Why does this happen? You are good at what you do. Your product or service is of the highest caliber.  But, the number one reason that you are falling short is that you are too busy running your company.  The best run companies and firms often have the hardest time growing because they are focused on the day to day operations.

Employ market –driven solutions to increase your opportunity for growth. We find and help remove the obstacles that are standing between the customer acquisition and getting you to the next level.

Maybe you have a new product or service offering and need interim assistance to infiltrate the market place. You are in a critical area for market realignment and need to expand your internal capabilities.


Who should hire a Fractional CMO?

1) Companies that have existing marketing teams that need executive level guidance, perspective and leadership

2) Managing Partners, CEOs and VPs of Sales or Marketing who need an independent, outside perspective on their business and go-to-marketing tactics

3) Companies who need high-level marketing expertise immediately based on a new product or service offering

4) Companies that are planning on hiring a VP of Marketing  or CMO and need someone in the interim or someone to help them set up a marketing team.